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Qingdao Jiuxin Zhongli Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2011. At present, we have 3 factories including our headquarters.The headquarters and the first factory are located in Qingdao City,and the second factory is located in Mudan District,Heze City.Based on business needs, we have established a branch in Nagoya,Japan.The company has three divisions: CNC Machining division, Automation division and Automotive Stamping die division.As of August 2022, we have 98 employees. Among them, there are 71 people in the CNC Machining division, 12 people in the Automation division and 15 people in the Mold division.The main businesses are:①Metal and non-metallic material machining;②Automobile stamping die design and production;③Factory automation production equipment design, research and development, production and sales.

The CNC machining division was established at the end of 2011, with 97% of products exported.The department has more than 11 years of export experience for the European, American and Japanese markets.Our team has comparative advantages in cost control, quality&leadtime management and customer service.Our first plant and Heze plant specialize in all kinds of precision machining.In addition, the head office has automation department, mold department, machining department.

The automation division was established in March 2018, focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of non-standard automation equipment related to electronic connectors and other precision electronic parts.There are 5 mechanical designers, 3 electrical designers, 2 equipment assembly technicians, 2 translators,purchasers and sales. The main features are automatic and semi-automatic cutting machines for connectors, pin inserting machines, laser engraving machines, EMBOSS carrier tape forming machines, CCD inspection machines, packaging machines, printing machines, coating machines, etc. At present, it is mainly for customers in China, Japan, South Korea and other neighboring countries.

The automotive stamping die division was established in October 2013. Currently, it is mainly for Japanese customers. The team is good at designing and manufacturing casting and steel plate automotive stamping moulds.Plate types are ordinary plate and high strength plate, the main die types are blanking die, forming die, punching die, flanging die, continuous die and so on. In addition, the production line manipulator (FG), empty station (ID), mold fixed plate (CO) processing and production is also the main business of our mold department.Both management personnel and design and manufacturing personnel have rich experience in working in Japanese enterprises.Through the support of the automation division, we can fully correspond from drawing disassembly, processing to assembly. With the support of die department, the disassembly of stamping die drawing and the processing of parts can also correspond.

We utilize weekly clippers from Qingdao and Weihai to ports such as Tokyo,Osaka,Nagoya and Shimonoseki. This geographical advantage allows us to greatly reduce the freight costs of equipment and bulk products and improve the speed of delivery.We will strive to become the core outsourcing plant for our customers and contribute to their development.

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    SINCE 2007

  • 98

    98 Employees (January 30 2019)

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    3 factory areas

  • 30%

    30% of employees have bachelor's degrees

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    Master degree holders: 3


Enterprise spirit: integrity, preciseness, diligence and challenge

Enterprise mission: Ingenuity to make China's good products

Enterprise vision: to build a century-old enterprise and create a world brand

Enterprise values: Good faith, truth-seeking and refinement, focus on win-win

Development concept: Enterprise development, employee benefit, achievement sharing

Code of action: tell the truth, do practical things and seek practical results

Brand concept: Do excellent products, do high-quality staff, create international brand

Quality concept: Good faith quality, the next process is the user, everyone is the inspector

Production philosophy: Demand is plan, order is order, efficiency achieves value

Market concept: to meet customer needs, establish JIUXIN brand

Marketing concept: Let JIUXIN products become the priority of customers

Service concept: start from customer demand, and finally customer satisfaction

Innovative concept: Customer demand oriented, good at questioning, dare to challenge


Group photo of employees from the first factory

Group photo of the headquarters staff on May 4, 2019.

Group photo of the headquarters staff on February 18, 2022.

Group photo of the headquarters staff team building activity on May 7, 2022.